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Remember the old joke: Policeman: “Excuze me driver … blow into the bag please.”  

Driver: “Why officer? … are your chips too hot?”

But it’s no juke if you get pulled over and you’ve had a few too many.

Here’s a simple, compact, easy to use gadget for analysis of  your

blood alcohol concentration at anytime.

Carry in purse or glove box to ensure your safe drive home.

Detect range: 0.00~0.19%25 BAC & 0.0~1.9g/l

Alert level calibrated. Quick response and resume

Auto power off : Approx 60 seconds

Operating time: warm up: 10s, response: <5s

Powered by 1.5V AAA X2 batteries (not included)

Dimension: 95 x 36 x 18mm

under .05  or  under arrest?

Great way to keep a check on your BP. Simply wrap the collar around your wrist, press a button and the device inflates and within seconds, accurately gives your your blood pressure and pulse readout. No need to even roll up your sleeve. Can’t get any easier than that!

Comes in a convenient case complete with instruction booklet. Requires 2 AAA batteries. Remembers your last 60 readings for easy recall.


This is a brilliant new gadget and every traveller should have one. The digital luggage scale is small, light and very accurate. Now, you can easily weigh your stowable & carry on luggage. Don’t get caught with unexpected excess baggage charges - weigh your bags before you leave home or your hotel. No more balancing your suitcase on the bathroom scales …. the Digital Luggage Scale is the simple solution. Also great for weighing boxes before posting … anything.

The GripGo™ hands-free mount allows you to easily glance at your phone for safe driving. Position it anywhere on the dashboard, & use it with any model phone! The GripGo hands-free mount grabs hold of your phone, letting go instantly when you twist the phone. It leaves no sticky residue.

Don’t pay  $50 Get 2 for $18 GET THEM HERE NOW AS SEEN ON TV Just $18 for 2 so Get A Grip …

A Real nifty gadget. Compact, rugged , easy to use. Just aim the laser & pull the trigger. Accurately reads surface temperature of any object in less than one second & displays it on the LCD screen. Select Celcius or Farenheit.  Temp range -50c to 380c.

Includes Delivery

Includes Delivery

Been searching for a better weigh?

 This is it!

Includes Delivery

Includes Delivery

Includes Delivery


Includes Delivery

Includes Delivery